Queen Kristina

stadsvandring2Foto: Bertil Hellberg

In the year 1642 the village of Bro received it’s name Kristinehamn (which means the harbour of Kristina) and town priveliges from Queen Kristina. I tell the story of this special and interesting Queen, who went her own way and was a modern woman way before her time. 

Scheduled talks 2018

Date: July 4th – August 2nd 2018 every Wednesday and Thursday
Meetingplace: Kristinehamns Historiska museum Södra Hamngatan 1a, in the center of Kristinehamn.
Start: 15.30 English
Time: 30 minutes
Pris: 50 SEK/person to be paid on site with cash or credit card. Register by sending a text message or calling +46-70-8159962 or a mail to info@konsultchristinaskan.se.

Want a private talk on a requested date or time? Contact me.