Queen Kristina

Drottning Kristina gav Kristinehamn dess stadsprivilegier

In the year 1642, the village of Bro received its name Kristinehamn (which means the harbor of Kristina) and town privileges from Queen Kristina. I tell the story of this special and interesting Queen, who went her own way and was a modern woman way before her time.

This talk is booked upon request.  Contact me.

Meetingplace: Kristinehamns Historiska museum Södra Hamngatan 1a, in the center of Kristinehamn.
Time: 30 minutes
Price: 650 SEK for 1-10 people to be paid on-site with cash or credit card. Register by sending a text message or calling +46-70-8159962 or a mail to info@konsultchristinaskan.se.